Sunday, June 5, 2011

Planting vacation 2011 - The first 24 hours

Saturday afternoon the big pile of compost (seven yards) was delivered from Levant Landscaping and Village Nursery. I spent the afternoon lugging 5-gallon pails around the yard and putting compost here and there before squirreling away seven pails of it for use later.

Steve, the plow guy, came over in the early evening and spread the rest of the compost out before mixing it all up.

As always, the finished vegetable bed looked amazing. I always hate to touch it the next day, but the garden doesn't plant itself.

My sister and I spent about three hours Sunday afternoon laying down the plastic mulch. There was a bit of a breeze, but not enough to blind us with dust and debris, as is often the case when I pull the mulch roll out.

Instead, there was a lovely perfume from the black cherry trees, which have just come into bloom. I couldn't get enough of the scent, which means planting this week should be fragrant at the very least.

I took a break, walked the dog, had dinner and then headed back up to dig two trenches for the potatoes. I hope to get those in first thing in the morning.

This was the picture about 24 hours after the bed was plowed. That's the sun setting up behind my garden shed.

If I am not too weary, I'll post each day how much I have accomplished this week on my planting vacation. Monday is seedling day. Stay tuned.

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