Thursday, December 12, 2013

We'll Always Have Madrid

Lovely Twitter peep Karina Oure met Richard Armitage on Wednesday during the premiere in Madrid for "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug."

Congratulations, sweetheart.  You did good.

Without further ado, here is her story (unedited from Facebook). With pictures, of course.
Richard Armitage
From Karina's Twitter: "Paying attention. To me. Still cannot believe it."
Karina's Twitter: Yes, he is signing
my photos of him here.
I still start shaking looking at this
He turns...
 Right. So as some of you may know I have been impatiently waiting news of a European premiere or event, determined to go this year. When I heard about Madrid I got so warm and happy as I have lived here nearly 20 years ago and always felt so at home here, loving the people, the language, the atmosphere etc. Perfect combination; my second home by heart and Richard

As I was planning to go and had ready tickets, hotel even a Danish friend to come join me, well I got scared. Scared to hope for too much and be dissappointed beyond repair. I am quite emotionel you see. And I had wondered what kind of reaction I might have. I did not cry in his face, so there goes my worst fear, haha.

Second worse fear; arrive to late and it would be full of people and we'd only get a glimpse if that much. No need to be so damn scared! My amazing friend was ok to go at noon and spend the day there. We made some super cute friends there, 3 young Tolkien fans who sort of became my saviours or angels Bless them.

First they were warned that the cameras would be in front of where we were standing and told us as well, so we got time to move to a greater spot. Second save comes later..

7 hours later, well it did not seem like it. I think they went by pretty fast and as it was near I had my photographs of him ready, pinned to my iPad cover, my little present for him (as the key to Erebor is keeping me company it seemed fit to get him a keychain also, a dark blue glass piece with a golden angel on it) and my glorious friend was ready with the camera.

Richard Armitage in Madrid
That's when I made the first Vicar of Dibley sound, you know the one! And a few tears, yes I admit it. I was getting emotionel like cRAzy and my friend was kind enough to calm me down! What a rock (star!) she has been today!

Second embarrasing sound and flow of tears came, as they had entered and were signing further down (we were towards the end near the cameras, great spot for staring and stare some more!) and Luke was first and then I ducked and got my first glimpse in between hands and cameras. Oh boy. He is really there. For real. Right there. Bwahaaah!

Luke came to the corner, he was a bit ahead and got all the way to the corner passing us. Handsome man, yes, but don 't touch my pics of RA please!

Then Richard came, signed, smiled, talked a bit with a few fans, asked one of our Tolkien fan friends if her golden homemade poster was in Elvish or Dwarvish and well, he was so freakin' near I couldn't believe it. Sorry for the cliché but yes, he does look better in person. Not much but there is something extra, and I have been wondering since if that extra is simply our excitement to see him?

But he did look very young, reminded me of Bafta some years ago. Also he looked tired and I felt a bit sorry for him. Many of us have parts of our job that we may not enjoy as much as others or that exhausts us, but this? However much we try how could we ever understand what that must be like? I also did not call out for him, I couldn't for some reason, maybe to spare him?!

Well, he came, he signed and he went. Yes he turned and didn't pass us, did not finish the line as Luke had and went to get interviewed. That's when the water seriously came flooding. And I am very honest when I tell you that mostly it was happy,
RA approaching...
grateful tears. I got what I wanted, to see him "live". But yes there was dissappointment in those tears as well...!

He was interviewed and I stared shamelessly and then on to the next and next until we couldn't see him anymore. But hope was still there as my Tolkien friends started pleading to the camera people to tell him to come back "mira, es que está llorando la pobre"! Yes the poor girl was crying like a teenager at a Beatles concert! And then he turned to me "you keep crying now!!"

And would you believe it, they got him to come back. My friend was filming and taking pictures at the same time, (yay for iPhone!) and I reached out my 2 pics which he signed and handed him the present and said something embarrassing which you will hear once we get the video upload to work (I can't get myself to repeat it, sorry!) He looked straight at me and everything dissappeared, including my heartbeat!

I didn't get a pic with him but plenty of him, and I got an "aww bless you" and so so sorry, Army, but these words from him are to blame, I forgot to give him your greetings

Hope you can forgive me as soon as I figure out to share all the lovely pictures and the video that makes my toes crumb but my heart skip a beat from happiness and gratefullness.

What an experience, one that I will never ever forget. Even my friends was moved, by me she is not a new member but she had fun just being a part of the lovely madness that it was. I am so happy and relieved beyound words that it went so well and I got so much and I feel so rich right now. Thank you Karin for being there with me, thank you Richard for being you and doing what you do and thank you Army for the feeling of belonging and being normal in all this

Family and friends who cheered, you're great, sweet and funny and may mock me all you like, for I am a proud member of the Armitage Army!!
Karina and Thorin in Madrid


@vec170203 said...

Where is the option "I adore this post"?
Really sweet story XD

Awkward Celebrity Encounters said...

Omg what a great story and how lovely he came back! Lol at 'you keep crying!' That is GOLDEN! I wanna see the video now! You did great and I know the feeling when he looks at you and you're like Geraldine in Vicar of Dibley. I've totally been there more than once and I understand!

Unknown said...

Love love this whole experience! Love how the Hobbit people told Karina to keep on crying! So happy for her and yes, she'll always have Madrid **wipes away the tears**


Unknown said...

Janine thanks for posting Karina's lovely story. It is wonderful to hear how someone else enjoyed meeting Richard. I'm sure I will never have the chance; this is my window to what it is like. I love the "you keep crying" and that Richard is as sweet as we believe him to be.

Anonymous said...

WOW, am SOOOO happy for you! Thnx for sharing all this... I added you to my blogroll, too.

Servetus said...

Aaaaw. Bless you. To steal someone else's words.

Guylty said...

That's a lovely story. And I love reading these personal accounts. Well done to Karina for persevering. It's good to get the whole thing over and done with ;-) Thanks for the pictures, they were great.

Phylly3 said...

I totally understand the crying. I would be a blubbering mess if I ever had the chance to meet him. Thanks so much for this post and I would love to see the video.

Anonymous said...

I never tire of these stories. I read them with a huge grin on my face. What's wrong with me? I don't know you people. Oh wait. I do. We're all nuts together. Got it.

Anna said...

What a sweet story! I was there in Madrid and I remember seeing Karina in the crowd... I can surely relate to her experience, we were that emotional, that excited and really united as fans. I can also relate to the disappointment, which was even worse for me. I saw that they got Richard back to sign for some more people, I ran behind the crowd trying to catch that moment, but I wasn't lucky at all... Next time at the next premiere maybe! Oh, we have some nice emotional stories, don't we? I love hearing these.

Janine Pineo said...

I keep hearing from other folks who were either in Madrid or Berlin. Everyone so happy to see Richard and then we all get emotional about it together. :D