Monday, June 6, 2011

Giant veggies - Get them while you can

For the past several years, Dick Smith of Glenburn Gardens (corner of Union Street and Kelly Road in Glenburn) has planted tomatoes and cucumbers in 5-gallon pails, pampering them for months until he opens in May.

By then, he has 5- to 6-foot tall plants that are loaded with fruit and blossoms that are ready to be heaved into your vehicle for the ride home to your garden.

They are well worth the price. This year, I have four tomatoes and a cucumber, all of which I have had fruit from. Yes, those are ripe tomatoes on the plant above. And doesn't that cucumber look tasty? It was.

A longtime friend, Dick still has a number of these plants available, along with smaller-sized vegetable packs and flowers. But he is only open through this week before closing for the season.

So get yourself out there and get a giant tomato or two. They more than pay for themselves over the summer, producing from now until fall if you tend them (plenty of water and fertilizer) well.

FYI, Dick's vegetables and flowers have graced my gardens since he opened the business many years ago. His work has fed me and my family for years.

Thanks, Dick.

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