Tuesday, January 14, 2014

RA Flash Fan Event - I Saw Something Fine

It is hard not to admire a person who radiates kindness, humility and good humor.

Which makes it easy to understand my admiration for Richard Armitage.

It certainly isn't a surprise how easy it is to get some fans in a frenzy (or make well-wishers go wonky) to talk about some of the reasons why they like this actor so much.

All this week is an impromptu RA Flash Fan Event, from which you can see the roundup of posts here.

And thanks to Morrighan's Muse for the badge (a term I am still coming to terms with, given that I think of it as a logo).

You can read my first offering for this week here.

Yes, that may very well mean I have a second one in the pipeline.

Wonky. Is all I have to say.

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