Monday, January 13, 2014

I Saw Something Fine - Or the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Richard Armitage | Leslie Hassler Photo
Given the hour (4:41 a.m.), the fact I haven't had any sleep yet, the crazy freezing rain that coated everything in sight all day AND that cabin fever has set in and we aren't even a month into winter, it may not be the best idea to write my ode to Richard Armitage.

But since I have given my disclaimer, let's do it anyway.

I wrote a ginormous thing about the man last year. It was posted over on Frenz's site for several reasons, none of which I can actually remember. (Note the disclaimer in paragraph one.) It was also so wordy that it took two posts for me to get to the point. If you want to jump in with both feet, the first post can be found here.

I sensed impending doom fun last week when I saw that Frenz wanted to spontaneously combust  begin FanstRAvaganza 2014 right now and willingly held my virtual hand up and said "Count me in."

Then she posted we needed to do a thing about that thing you-know-who does so well. See the title of the post.

Now chew on that.

I have been.

And in these wee hours, after about 90 minutes of playing oddball music on my computer and then tweeting YouTube links on my Twitter, I have realized a few things.
RA, not me, as Ricky Deeming
  1. You can never have too much Cheap Trick and "I Want You to Want Me." Go right ahead and judge me on that.
  2. Billy Idol was pretty tame compared to some of the nuts you see today.
  3. The internet totally spies on you and tempts you with things that you really want. Like putting up an ad for a trip to New Zealand when I am trying to concentrate on Billy Idol's snarl.
  4. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club totally gets me. I am rebel, hear me roar. Just not on a motorcycle. (Hey, I am not Ricky Deeming, thankyouverymuch.)
  5. All I could think of was Smaug when I started playing "Burning Down the House."
  6. I never get tired of watching Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love." Turn. It. Up.
  7. I would rather listen to "Simply Irresistible" than watch the video. That said, replay, replay, replay.
  8. “Sharp-Dressed Man.” Must I elaborate?
  9. “Lust for Life” has the best 70-second opening of a song ever. I am not sure any other song has a 70-second opening, but be that as it may, I still love it. The lyrics, however, are completely out of left field. “Hypnotizing chickens” ... just ... blows ... my ... mind.
  10. Bobby Darin makes me think of Richard Armitage.

I’ll get to that in a moment. But first a bit of back story, if you will. (And you will because we all know who loves the back story.)

I was, once again, pulled into the Armitage Vortex (which is simply the inferno version of the polar one) with the run-up to the release of “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.” I was overwhelmed with all of the junketing and surely missed a good portion of junkety stuff. I was thrilled so many Twitter peeps got to see Richard in person this year. I even got a book sent to me that he signed after an event in London.

This fine thing happened during the junketing junk
and made me very happy. For reasons ...
 I managed to make it to the movie on opening day and sobbed when Thorin stepped inside Erebor. Because Richard is a fine actor who knows the greatest emotional punch is the quiet, nearly whispered punch, with the crack in one’s voice revealing one’s greatest vulnerability. *

Mr. Fine with his jaunty hat | Leslie Hassler Photo
Which brings me back to Bobby Darin. It has taken me an hour to ponder and write this, so it is now 5:39 a.m. and my disclaimer still applies. (Said disclaimer is still in paragraph one; stay with me here.)

I got stuck about two hours ago on “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.” And Richard.

All I have to say is that at this moment, it shows my vulnerability, no matter how fine the man is.

At least it is rather insouciant. Take that, Mr. Fine, even as you jauntily tip your hat at me.

Here’s the video with the lyrics below.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
(The Bobby Darin version)

I don't want you
But I’d hate to lose you
You got me in between
The devil and the deep blue sea

I forgive you
'Cause I can't forget you
You got me in between
The devil and the deep blue sea

I oughta cross you off my list
But when you come a-knocking at my door
Fate seems to give my heart a twist
And I come running back for more

I should hate you
But I guess I love you
You got me in between
The devil and the deep blue sea

I oughta cross you off my list
But every time you come back knocking at my door
Fate seems to give my heart a twist
And I come crawling back for more

Oh, I still should hate you
But I guess I gotta love you
You've got me sorta hung up between
The devil and the deep blue sea
Devil and the deep blue sea
Devil and the deep blue sea ...


*Did you notice that this is my answer to "I Saw Something Fine"? The powerhouse that is Richard Armitage, the actor, is a privilege to watch, whether he reins in his emotions or unleashes a fury that will leave you breathless. And wanting more. The devil...

RA as Thorin Oakenshield
in "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug"
moments before the heir enters the door
into the land of his birth


Perry said...

Definitely a different take on things. I've got the song on as I write this. We've been eavesdropping on each other's tweets for while. Nice to meetcha.

RAFrenzy said...

I love this!

Maybe I should put up last year's posts on the RA flash wall? :D

Unknown said...

Get some sleep!

On the other hand, great playlist and love that Cheap Trick went to #1 on that list - or just the first thing that you thought of first ;)

Yep, you saw something fine aright - all of us have!

Janine Pineo said...

Hi, Perry! Yes, I am a bit odd on this one. Tis the fact I am approaching two years well-wishing this person and it has me ... between the devil and the deep blue sea. :D

Janine Pineo said...

Er, Frenz, I have no control over you. I suppose you could post that massive thing over thar if you wish. :D

Janine Pineo said...

Muse, dear, you likely know very well why I was listening to Cheap Trick. I have been playing the video you did and the song that I purchased repeatedly. Can't. Stop. Myself. :D

Janine Pineo said...
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The Queen said...

Ha! You made me laugh. Out loud. With hubs snoring in his chair so I MUST BE QUIET!!! Mr. Fine indeed....

Anonymous said...

Perfect! :)


Janine Pineo said...

Ah, dear Queen, I am glad you appreciate my wacky mind. :D

Janine Pineo said...

Thanks, Zan!

PLFall said...

You introduced me to a new song by Bobbie Darwin. The lyrics are so appropriate for the struggles I sometimes go through about this unique and so fine British actor. I too am caught in a 3rd dimensional sphere between "The Devil and the deep blue sea" and I keep going back for more!