Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Planting vacation 2011 - Day 2

I didn't get as much planted as I thought I might on Monday for a number of errands got in the way. But late afternoon was a good start and I still managed to plant nearly five dozen tomatoes, some basil, a few peppers and got in the giant cucumber (the upper left corner) before 8 p.m.

Tuesday should be a busier day. I've got the plants placed and ready to plant in the morning once I get the car in for an oil change, take the dog for a walk, and so on.

I keep saying the garden doesn't plant itself, but nothing else gets done by itself either.

The good news is that the soil temperature under the plastic mulch is near 80 degrees. Toasty.

Sunday night, Kai was guarding the edge of the bed, looking handsome in the setting sun.

He's a good looking boy. That's my pant leg in the upper left of the above picture, balancing in the potato trench as I dig my way north. Hopefully by Tuesday's end, I will have all the potatoes planted.

Plant on!

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