Thursday, June 17, 2010

A sad departure

As I was shopping for plants today during the last week for the season at Everlasting Farm on Essex Street in Bangor, I ran into Michael Zuck, half of the team that has been the power behind the greenhouse and nursery for 25 years.

Michael, who has watched my plant purchases with a keen eye over the years, wanted to tell me that he and Gail have decided that this is the last year for the retail business. They are closing their doors on Sunday, June 21.

It may seem like a little thing in the grand scheme of life, but I love Everlasting Farm. It has been a warm, cozy, welcoming presence all these years. And the fact that I find plants here that I cannot find anywhere else makes it so much harder to bear.

I understand the reason behind the decision and even applaud it. But my heart is breaking because it was one spring ritual that came to mean so much to me, wandering in and out of the greenhouses, searching for my favorites (the salvias - the columnar basil - the succulents) and finding new treasures every single year.

Sorry, Michael, I did cry.

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