Sunday, May 30, 2010

Welcome home, Poppy

Here's our new girl!

We met Poppy today a little before 11 a.m. - thanks so much, Jill and Mike, for giving her a stopover - and before 10 minutes has passed, she and Kai were on the couch in the motorhome.

Kai was a very happy boy and seems pretty calm about the whole thing - that's a big surprise. I expected a bit more craziness.

Here she is having a calm moment (she is so tired).

Almost immediately when we got in the car, she stretched out across the arm rest between the front seats, pressing against me for most of the two hours home. She only raised her head a couple of times and didn't stand up until we were about a mile from the house - how did she know?

Our first order of business was sniffing around the yard - here she is in the peonies - and doing her business (Yeah!!), before we went inside to check out the house, where she immediately started eating Kai's food.

Now everyone is home and there is a wee bit of growling going on. Kai is full of it and Poppy is exhausted. Somebody needs a good, long nap.

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Cathy Crockett said...

I wish I could explain to her why she had to go, but in time she will adjust to her wonderful new life and won't have to leave again. She has many many memories to make with your family. Something that this girl has deserved her whole life. She finally has it.