Thursday, February 19, 2009

At play

Our Kai, chilling with a new look in ear fashion, sends a cheery hello to Jamie.

As you can see, Jamie, he is hard at play every night, if not with a toy, then with his dog bed.

Kisses to ya'll!

love, Kai


Cathy Crockett said...

That is one happy and loved dog. Thanks for the smile. I needed it.

Amy Ross & Scott said...

Once again, Jamie is over the moon to receive messages from her sweet Kai. Thank you so much! She bawled on Tuesday when we took our foster pups to Victoria -- it is so hard on her to let them go! (And we only had those guys for three days. Kai was here for two months! :-)) So, it's wonderful for her to still get to "see" him. We can't wait to get Luke and Kai together this summer!!! Hugs, Ross and Jamie and Luke, too