Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A hard day's play with a grizzly bear

This is for Jamie, with love from Kai (your Pepper).

Later that same night ...

Sleep in heavenly peace.


Cathy Crockett said...

Never fails. Adopters always come through for me when times get rough. They help me remember why I am doing what I do. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Jamie feels so, so special! Thank you! We just got to the video now, and I called her in from the other room. She talked to me and to Kai throughout the whole video:
"Oh, he's so playful now! He doesn't look scared anymore."
"Oh, Pepper. It's me! I'm here! I love you, baby dog!"
"What a good dog, Pepper! We'll see you this summer!!" (I promise to have her calling him Kai by then!)

Also, Luke (Kai's brother) is the most self-entertaining dog I have ever seen, so I can imagine exactly what you describe about Kai's playing habits. Luke will spend 30 minutes in the yard by himself just having a BLAST with some toy or something. I have to get it on video!! He throws it in the air, stomps on it, pounces it, etc.

Thank you all for the lovely updates, photos and VIDEO! We all -- and Jamie especially -- just loved it. Cathy's right -- adopters like you just make it all, all worth it. :-)