Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More mushrooms, please

Orange jelly

The mushroom madness has slowed, but there are still many to be found on the daily excursion at the tree farm. I've been watching the orange jelly pictured above expand very slowly on this fallen tree. I like how it looks with the green mossy, lichen-y stuff. Just kind of oozing out of the tree. Like sap.

A herd of 'em at the base of a hemlock struck by lightning last year

I have no idea what these ones are, but they sort of startled me, so big and bold they were, clustered at the base of the hemlock that was ripped apart by lightning last year. I think it sparked something else.


I found this a few feet away from the hemlock. This is some sort of bolete, I discovered, because of the looks-like-a-sponge gill area.

Then there is this cluster of coral mushroom (at least I think they are in the coral class). They have been growing for weeks along the root of this particular tree. The color is interesting and easy to overlook if you just glance because it blends in with the dirt. But there is a lot of it.

As always, remember that many, many mushrooms are deadly. And I have no idea what these ones are.

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