Thursday, July 14, 2011

He wades, he floats, he swims!

It was a big day Monday for our boy, Kai. We were at Wadsworth Cove in Castine and after wading out a ways and getting a little floaty, Kai dog-paddled a bit, touching down with his paws probably every time. And that was just the first foray! After a break, we tried it again, and this time he did it completely.

So here are the videos I took while he got encouragement from me and my sister.

I love his snapping tail/rudder. And you can see his confidence growing with every second.

It was a proud moment.

Here is my favorite still shot from the video, with his ears flying.

Afterward, he wanted to snuggle with me on the couch in the motorhome. He was a damp, salty dog.

Aren't his spiky damp ear tips cute? When he is swimming, they are trailing in the water. Who knew that would happen?

He finally dozed off for a quick dog nap. It's hard work learning a new trick like that.

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