Friday, May 27, 2011

A walk in the park - Moose Point

During a recent jaunt to Searsport, my sister and I visited Moose Point State Park. It was one of the few days with a bit of sunshine about, so we took advantage of the gorgeous groomed trail to walk the dog and stretch our legs before heading for home.

One of the big surprises was finding this sign quite a ways down the path parallel to the shore. And then we started to look up ...

And up some more ...

More ...

Until the top could just be seen. What a magnificent specimen this tree is. The dimensions on the sign give you an idea, but you really should see it in person. It is worth the walk. It is a humbling experience to stand beneath a tree this old and this strong.

Mr. Adventurous always likes to walk near the edge of the cliffs ...

But Kai found the trails very much to his liking. There was only one other car at the park when we arrived, and when we left, we were the only ones there. Sad in some ways, but nice to have the place all to one's self , our tax dollars at work.

Farther down the trail was this enormous birch, perhaps the largest birch I have ever seen. It had died, but its trunk and main branches were still standing testament to its lifetime. It does make you wonder how old this one was, how many seasons it had seen there on the coast.

The trees were just starting to leaf out, which makes this picture so delightful.

Wouldn't you like to be strolling down this pathway, listening to the gulls and breathing in the salt air?

You can't miss this trunk on your way in — or out if you circle back.

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