Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flower power

That's a hibiscus flower you see before you. Don't let the small picture fool you: This bloom is about 8 inches across. Every time I see one open up, I think it would make a lovely bonnet for a baby. It would fit perfectly.

The color of this delphinium makes me deliriously happy. I wish I had a number of things in just this color: an umbrella for a rainy day, an Adirondack chair, frothy bedroom curtains, maybe a dressy dress.

The blossom spike is resting on a bush behind it because it is so long. I hope it blossoms for a couple of weeks.

The day lilies are going full tilt around the yard. This pair looked particularly lovely earlier this week.

This one was just off by itself, part of a newer clump I planted in the past couple of years.

The balloon flowers - which I adore - help punch up the color in this clump of day lilies ('Cedar Waxwing" is the variety, I think) in front of my garden shed.

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