Monday, July 19, 2010

The big tomato plants I got from Glenburn Gardens are happily producing fruit in all this heat. The Jet Star plants at the end of the tomato row (above) are ripening steadily, keeping us well-supplied with larger fruit.

The grape tomato (above) is dripping with lots of fruit, which is ripening a bit at a time, making it easy to keep up with the supply.

Peeking through the trellis tower, you can see the cucumber starts are already producing fruit. I uncovered the four hills last week from the row cover, trained the vines up the trellis and picked the first fruit. This one has shown up since then and should be ready to pick very soon. It has been warned of its destiny, despite trying to hide deep within the trellis.

I was so tempted to pick it and eat it right then on Sunday afternoon. But somehow I refrained.

The pepper plants are coming along, although the banana peppers seem to be way ahead of the regular green bells. I think this one will soon be ready for a stirfry.

Right behind the banana peppers is a patch of flowers. All of them in bloom and pictured above - (from left) kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate, cosmos, malva, verbena and calendula - sprouted in the garden this spring, having seeded themselves from last year.

It always makes me smile to see what survived the winter. I was incredibly busy this spring digging up all the volunteers that reported for duty. I didn't have enough time to get them all, but these are making a good show, adding color and attracting pollinators until the straight-seeded stuff can start to bloom.

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