Thursday, July 16, 2009

All abloom

A quick shower - SURPRISE! - left the flowers glistening earlier this week. The rose (above) was given to me by my grandmother a number of years ago. It was my great-grandmother Stoddard's rose, unless I am mistaken (and then it would be my great-grandmother Johnson's). Whichever way, it has been around for decades and now is happily popping up near my gardening shed.

This cosmo plant reseeded itself this spring. I dug it up before the vegetable garden was plowed and replanted it. And this is what I get for that act of mercy.

One of the clematis is putting on a wee show this year with these lovely blooms on the older arbor. It just makes me smile.

I have been nurturing an obsession with salvia these past few years, thanks to the Zucks of Everlasting Farm in Bangor. They always have an impressive array of which I purchase many, many pots because they add dimension to my potted plants and attract a voracious array of bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. This variety, however, I stumbled across at Hummingbird Hollow in Holden. It is mixing nicely in a whiskey barrel this year.

Another whiskey barrel holds a mix of salvia, Wave petunia, licorice plant, heliotrope and geraniums. It looks good next to the newly built ramp and deck.

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