Thursday, April 2, 2009

Three months!

We begin our three-month anniversary with Kai sleeping in the recliner. He went through all sorts of contortions in the wee hours of April 2.

And then he suddenly got up and started playing with his toys while I watched TV. He played and thrashed around for a bit before racing back into the chair. A few minutes later, I looked over and discovered the little imp had carried his stuffed beaver into the chair with him, where the two of them then performed this "awwww" moment. Yup, Kai did it all on his own, the little monkey. (That white you see is the beaver's "teeth"- just like Kai's pose.)

About 12 hours later, Kai and I went for our daily constitutional down the snowmobile trail. The snow is only inches deep at the most now, which makes walking much less treacherous. And there are enough bare spots so we don't have to worry about any snowsleds barreling toward us.

Below is our handsome young pup posing very nicely beside the brook, which is flowing heavily with all the snowmelt.

And this is Kai showing off his slim, trim, elongated figure. My, he has grown in three months.

And just for fun, here's a shot of the babbling brook with a treat at the end. Again our thanks to the rescue folks who brought our boy safely to us. We adore him ...

Even if he did find a squashed mouse carcass on the way home and picked it up in his mouth and I had to pick it out from his mouth with my BARE hand only to have him kiss me in the face when I bent over when we got home.

Dog germs ... and mouse germs. ICK.

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Anonymous said...

It is clear you all adore him and that makes our jobs so worth it! The thanks goes to you guys for all the hard work you have put into making Kai the great dog we all knew he had the potential to become. We can't wait to see him this summer!!
Ross and Jamie, of course