Sunday, February 1, 2009

A White House Farmer

After my latest column which you can read here, a BDN reader (thanks, Nancy) alerted me to a national push to name an official White House farmer to turn the lawn into fruit and vegetable gardens (read about it here). Coupled with the push to turn the First Lawn into the First Garden, I think this is a powerful idea that should have been done long ago.

You also can check out a Christian Science Monitor article on the same topic here. The story was published Friday.

The rewards of gardening are mind-bogglingly (is that a word?!) enormous. I have great hope that many of us will return to our roots, literally, especially after the big crash and burn that was 2008. This disconnect that has been growing by leaps and bounds in the past couple of decades is doing none of us any real good. Do you really need a vehicle that carts around the entire neighborhood? Do you need every little gadget that comes out just because it is bigger and better? Do we need all this stuff, really?

The truth is that gardening brings us back to the simple things. After gardening all my life, I realized long ago that I only need a handful of "gadgets" to make the garden grow. Because the garden will grow without a lot of help from me as long as I keep the soil happy and pull the weeds.

Plant a garden. Listen to the birds. Smell the good earth. Reconnect with reality.

Save yourself. Save the world.

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