Monday, January 26, 2009

Too cute

Kai is relaxing more each day. With every walk, he wants to venture farther afield.

In the house, he made his very first foray on his own Sunday, hauling one of his toys along, and climbing onto my bed for a quick snooze while everyone else was at the opposite end of the house. We couldn't believe it.

We still have a barking issue, especially when he seems startled. It's as if he's torn on what to do. Just today, he barked like mad at me when I walked into the kitchen. I had just had him out for his long afternoon walk and then had disappeared for a few minutes to get ready for work. He barked and barked and then took off for my bedroom where I found him lying on his dog bed on his back for a belly rub.

I rubbed his tummy and then he hightailed it for the living room again where he proceeded to bark at me again.

Still not sure what's up with that, but at least it isn't happening all the time anymore, just on occasion.


Anonymous said...

congratulations on his settling in, he seems to be making progress rapidly. he is adorable!

Cathy Crockett said...

Oh goodie....more pictures. I always check to see if you have posted more. You are catching some wonderful shots. Thanks for sharing them. Such a very long way from where he was when we found him. Its a pure thrill to see him like this.

Cathy Crockett
Byrdstown, TN