Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hot stuff

So the wee one is quite the courageous fellow.

We had our worries Saturday because he seemed so timid, but it looks like it was more exhaustion than anything else. He spent the morning getting to know the recliner. Daisy was the only other dog to commandeer the chair so it was nice to see him do it all on his own. He slept soundly, oftentimes on his back with the occasional leg stretching into the atmosphere.

He ended up sleeping most of the day but he emerged into the chaos while we were picking up the last of the Christmas decorations. He sniffed around the boxes and stretched out amid the mess.

He has determined that his safe spot will be under my dad's old oak desk. He's got the heating register right at his back so he has been toasty warm. By Sunday morning, he was emerging from his safe spot to explore the kitchen and living room on his own. He's still tentative about the hallway, but he keeps trying to make it past the baby gate guarding our older cats, one of whom was standing sentinel this morning.

We have decided to change his name from Pepper. The family had a few in the running, but we wanted to meet him and see what he spoke to us.

We're sticking with the Pepper theme sort of. It's a Scottish name I found and it means fire.

Say hello to Kai.

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Anonymous said...

Your photos of Kai are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing the updates! (And I love his new name!) His brother, Luke, is doing really well despite missing him. That sweet face! What a lucky boy to have found a home with you all.