Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The last crops

The Concord grapes finally turned a lovely shade of purple last week. I managed to get to them this year before they dropped off the vine.

I picked them on the Sunday, made them into juice on Monday and then worked on making jelly the rest of the week. I planted a second Concord vine this spring, but this new one is seedless. I can only hope to eat more fresh when that one comes into its own in the next decade or so.

After I picked the grapes, I zipped through the remains of the vegetable garden again. As you can see, the summer squash is still producing. And the cayenne peppers were still turning. We still haven't had a hard frost (last year it hit on Oct. 23), so the plants keep chugging along. The plants look pathetic, but I can't really complain about fresh vegetables in October, can I?

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