Monday, September 1, 2008

Life is a Maine Beach ... Part 7

I think today is a good day to end our tour of some fine Maine beaches.

This one is a wee little beach on Cape Rosier, and I believe it is called Bakeman Beach (I've never run into anyone while visiting, so I can only go by the map).

If you drive all the way around the tip of the cape, you will happen across this little beach (click here for a map). I have often sat here, in solitary splendor, with only the occasional vehicle driving by as I eat lunch. Truly, the only sound is that of the waves, the wind and birds. It is so rare to have that luxury.

Cape Rosier is well worth the ride. It is a seemingly pristine slice of Maine. And you can't really get lost out there, just maybe ride in circles until you realize you saw that barn a few minutes ago. But the views are worth it.

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