Monday, August 18, 2008

Life is a Maine beach ... Part 5

Don't let the vast expanse of beach fool you. Marlboro Beach is part beach and part muddy flats where you can often see diggers working to find those tasty bivalves.

Unlike many out-of-the-way beaches, this one has loads of parking and lots of beach to walk and walk and walk.

The view is spectacular, looking across the bay to Cadillac Mountain. With a pair of binoculars on a good day, you can see the cars winding their way on the mountain road, sun glinting off the metal.

This is a special beach for me. It was the first beach my dog Daisy ever visited. We have a video from seven years ago that show her hesitancy as a pup trying to figure out the lapping waves. And then her trying to hop through the water, with the end result of her looking like a dolphin.

It was also the last beach Daisy visited and the video I have from that day is precious. She charged right in on that brisk May afternoon, even though the water was pretty cold. But it made her happy and I have that sweet memory of her wading eagerly in and out of the water just 12 days before she died.

Marlboro is definitely dog-friendly, with the locals arriving to let their pets zip around for a few minutes or take a leap into the water if the tides are right.

You'll definitely need a map to get there, because this is one of those places where the roads wind and you can get turned around easily. But even those trips are worth the ride, with some lovely coastal countryside to look at.

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