Monday, August 11, 2008

Life is a Maine beach ... Part 4

Some beaches almost disappear at high tide and the one at the base of the stairs at Fort Madison in Castine is no exception.

Castine has a weighty history in the birth of the country as is evidenced by the signs about town at the sites of battles, graves and passages of the point of land from one country's control to another. It is a fascinating journey.

Fort George often gets more attention because of its role, but I prefer Fort Madison with its giant berms and cannon and spectacular view.

It is usually quiet, with no more than a visitor or two at any time I've ever been there. That makes the view down the "river" and out to Penobscot Bay all the sweeter in its private peacefulness.

And occasionally, you'll see a tall ship go floating by, headed for the nearby marina.

For a map, click here. For more about Castine, click here.

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