Friday, July 4, 2008

Patience on the Penobscot

My sister and I went on a cruise down the Penobscot on the Patience two weeks ago. It was an interesting journey, especially since neither of us had seen the river from this viewpoint.

The river is surprisingly undeveloped, which is not a bad thing. The carved cliffs make for some dramatic views, not unlike what you would see along the Maine coast (which is where we've done the most cruising about).

With the renewal of the river comes a return of the wildlife that makes Maine so distinctive. We had three sightings of eagles along the waterway, including the one pictured above that kindly remained stationary as we floated by.

The final picture shows the Veterans Remembrance Bridge and the Bangor waterfront and skyline as we headed back to the dock.

Happy Independence Day, all!

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