Thursday, July 24, 2008

On the run

The beans, they are a runnin'.

Hard to believe they were just seeds a month ago and now they are already waving in the breeze above the trellis that I slaved over for three days.

This view gives you a look at Rattlesnake, a pole bean that is the best I have grown. It produces massive quantities, even when the rainfall is down, and it produces for a long time if you keep them well picked. And if you pick them when they are smaller, you don't have to worry about strings.

Last year, I was averaging eight to 10 quarts every couple of days from about 100 feet of row.

You can find the seed at Pinetree Garden Seeds, which is where I have bought them for years.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that the beans are a lovely green with purple streaks on them. The purple disappears when you cook, can or pickle them. We always can a large amount, eat as many fresh as we want and then pickle or freeze the rest. The frozen ones are great to toss into soups or stir-fries. And they make the best dilly beans.

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