Monday, July 21, 2008

Life is a Maine beach ... Part 1

Maine is more than just a nice place to garden.

I grew up visiting nooks and crannies along the Maine coast. Many of my fondest memories are of beaches, where I wandered about finding treasures and splashing in the water while the adults got the picnic ready or relaxed on the beach blanket.

If you are in Maine, either as a resident or on a vacation, there are lots of quiet spots far from the hordes of tourists where you can enjoy a Maine beach the way it was meant to be enjoyed: with the lapping of the waves and the cry of the seabirds and the occasional clang of a buoy.

The first in our tour of the coast is Lamoine Beach. No, it's not the state park; it's a mile beyond it at the end of the road. You should know that the best beaches are the ones at the end of the road.

There are picnic tables and grill units right on the water along with restroom facilities (as in an outhouse) just off the parking lot.

When I was there earlier this month, the wind was whipping the waves into a froth and the view across the bay was magnificent.

And there were almost no people there.

To get there, click here for a Google map. Check out the satellite view to get the full picture.

More beaches to come ...

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