Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Aaaaarrgghh! The scourge returns

Sunday brought the sighting of the first Japanese beetle.

Monday brought the second.

Tuesday I didn't step foot in the garden so it could be overrun with them.

The first two, by the way, didn't make it past my clog-shod foot.


Anonymous said...

just saw my first one today....it also did not make it past my clog-shod foot!

love the blog, btw, i aspire to your gardening zen :)


Janine Pineo said...

The reports are that the area is overrun with the beasties. I know there's supposed to be a reason for everything, but Japanese beetles?

Thanks for the kind words, although I wasn't too zen when I kept hitting my finger with the hammer whilst putting in the bean/pea trellis.