Thursday, June 5, 2008


At the moment the concept is hard for me to grasp. For 15 months, I have known this was where it was headed, although anyone who has ever loved a pet knows deep down this day will come from the moment they fall in love with one of God's blessed creatures.

Daisy, my darling sweet pea, died Wednesday, June 4, 2008.

My sister snapped this picture of us in December, one of many precious moments that made her fight with lymphoma worth every extra minute.

She was her mama's baby girl. And while I am glad she doesn't have to go through more blood tests and more treatments, I miss her being. Just being.

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Anonymous said...

you have both been very blessed!! and so is anyone who views these wonderful pictures and memories.the unconditional love the two of you shared is as obvious as the gerber daisy is beatiful. thanks for sharing daisy with us. the sun will shine again real soon. god bless