Friday, July 26, 2013

A Chapter Ends

From Peter Jackson's Facebook page,
a shot of Thorin, played by Richard Armitage

As I write this in the early hours of Friday, July 26, here in the U.S., Peter Jackson is filming the last shots of "The Hobbit" at the end of Friday, July 26, in New Zealand.

I didn't expect to be quite so emotional.

I also didn't expect Peter to be posting all day long on Facebook, starting with a post before he was even out of bed (it begins here). His confession that he didn't sleep much only served to remind me - and hopefully others - that he is as much a fragile human as are we all. It only was reinforced when he wrote about everyone waiting for him to make a decision to get things rolling and feeling nervous as the day starts.

It is no wonder that the films this man makes strike a chord in me like few others do. It is no wonder actors want to work with him and such amazing, creative people want to be part of that crew in New Zealand.

This has been a tumultuous period for me, one that shall ever be entwined with "The Hobbit." That is probably why I have been struck so hard over the past 24 hours.

The many autographs from Weta artists
in my copy of "The Hobbit Chronicles" book

My Thursday started with the arrival of a Hobbit book, signed by a number of Weta artists. Several also drew pictures for their signing. I have stared at that page for a bit, amazed that these folks took the time to write me a note in my book or draw me a picture.

Then I was amazed at the dear Kiwi, Rosemarie, who carted this book halfway around the world  - no joke - to get these signatures for me. I will be writing more on this soon.

Ah, Peter has just posted that there may be an hour more to go in shooting the last bits of "The Hobbit."

It is also the final bits for Richard Armitage. I am sure we shall find out exactly what was the final shot, if not sometime today then on a future vlog or DVD extra, but I know as a admirer of all these people, I am grateful to have been given the chance to share in the experience.

Simple words, but I feel like I have been there and back again.


Unknown said...

What a lovely remembrance you've got there from the WETA artists that have made this movie possible!

Hugs to you! And I can't wait to hear about the book's journey!

Unknown said...

What a lovely remembrance from the WETA artists! I can't wait to hear the story about the book's journey and hugs to you.

Now it's on to December 2013 and 2014 :)

Servetus said...

Look forward to hearing more about the book!

Christine (Ms. Gigglepants) said...

Oh! Well said. I wish I had thought to write something about my thought on the end of this experience, but mine were just much more (wordless sobbing) (mixed up with my divorce)(why is this bothering me so much? two movies yet to go and I'm not even involved but omg so sad)(end of an era feelings). Very hard to separate out, and I'm not sure if I'll be ready even at the end of this month or this year, let alone the end of this week. :} But you said it beautifully. So I think yours will be my proxy post, if you don't mind. lol

Also, the Weta book is GORGEOUS!! What a wonderful memento and what a lovely gift! <3 I'm smiling hugely right now.