Thursday, June 9, 2011

Planting vacation - Day 4 and 5

I got the last of the seedlings in, except for a half-dozen cucumber starts that will have to wait until I have time to set up the trellis and row cover for them.

By Wednesday night, I got in everything else, including the potatoes. I only have six kinds this year, which probably sounds like a lot, but I usually have at least eight varieties. And yes, they all do taste different.

We got a thunderstorm overnight and the plants were happier for it. Thursday morning was hot and humid, although I've seen worse. Kai was cooling his belly on the damp grass and did go into the shade after he rolled around a bit.

I had one last job to do before leaving for my grandmother's, and that was cutting a row cover for the eggplant-melon-broccoli grouping. I cut a blankie for Kai first, however, and I had no sooner turned my back before he was on his blankie. He's too smart.

There we are. The nearly finished garden. I just have those cuke seedlings and the seeds to put in when I get back from my grandmother's. Just corn, carrots, herbs, cukes, summer squash, flowers, peas, beans and so on. I am sure I've forgotten something.

More happy planting.

And then I get to build trellis for all those wonders.

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