Monday, July 5, 2010

Finally finished

Between work and weather, it took a while to get the vegetable garden planted in a timely fashion this year. I finally finished the end of my first vacation week on June 25, getting some help from Kai as my sister and I set up the row cover to keep the bugs off the cukes and cole crops.

He was determined to stretch out on the fabric every time we rolled out a new section, making himself at home by bathing and rolling around.

This is how things looked once we got the magnificent plot finished. The tentlike entity houses the cukes with an angled trellis out over the cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. To the right are the squash plants and the short, covered row are melons and a couple of cukes and squash plants that hopefully will set fruit a few weeks ahead of the straight seeded stuff.

Since Kai was so thrilled with the row cover, I decided to cut him his own piece. This would be his celebratory roll on his new outdoor blankie.

He gets so excited every time I shake it out, that he usually leaps into the air to bring it down to the ground. He then wrestles with it as I try to stretch it out.

Nutty dog.

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