Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A walk with Kai (Part 1)

Kai gets a long walk just about every day. Sometimes the weather keeps us in, sometimes my schedule.

Our favorite walk is out to the tree farm about a mile from home. It was a bit of a challenge when we got the first snowstorms in December, but since we've had a bit of a drought since mid-January, the walking has been almost as fast as it was on dirt.

Today, Kai was a slow walker because Another Dog (!!) had been on the trail and he had to sniff every crucial spot. Sometimes I would like to know what has him so intrigued.

Or maybe not.

Above is Kai at our "brook." It finally froze solid the first week of February, which made me sad because I looked forward to that little trickle of water across the trail.

Now I am waiting for it to thaw. Which will mean SPRING!

Below is a fun, fun video of the boy running. And can he run. He's just a happy fellow when we are in the woodlot. It's like a racetrack for him.

Tomorrow: Heading back

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