Sunday, August 2, 2009

Seven months

Today is Kai's anniversary: seven months and counting!

He and I got permission to walk at a neighbor's tree farm, which is great because it is 1) close to home and 2) the woods, Kai's absolute favorite place for a walk. These pictures were from our first walk last weekend.

I loved this shot of the lichen on the tree. It makes for a great signpost in the woods. The view below is higher up on the same tree, with even bigger pieces. Very cool.

And here is our boy sitting nicely in one of the open places. He's so good.

This is a perfect time to announce our Rescued for Life line on Zazzle. See the panel at right for more and then click on the Zazzle store link to get there. The product line is titled "Rescued for Life" and currently features our boy in his country pose.

My sister and I decided to commit to giving our proceeds from any sales to pet charities, such as rescue groups. So go shopping and buy a lot. And don't forget to buy some of our other stuff to keep us in batteries for the cameras and toys for the "kids."

And don't worry. We've had requests, so there will be more items coming with different shots. I suspect we may even do a calendar at year's end.

Oh, here's a hint: if you link to the store from this blog, then we get a bigger royalty. So come here first and click on the Zazzle store link to increase the royalty. It's all for charity.

Let us know what you think. Happy shopping.


Anonymous said...

HOORAY!!! Can't wait to see more Rescued for Life items!!

Sent Faith a message tonight. Ask her about it. :-)


P.S. Kooky Lukey says he's sorry. If he could have mailed something to his brother without my help, he would have done it already. It's all my fault. (He's right.)

Fit Momma said...

Hi Janine!

I just got the Rosebud Mousepad for my mom to thank her for watching Cora. Mom's middle name is Rose, and she sends me pictures on the email every day to show me how my little baby girl is doing. It's a gift for her, and it means even more since it comes from your beautiful new store! (Oh, I also got one for my desk at work)


Janine Pineo said...

B, you look so cool in your picture. Thanks for shopping, and for a very sweet reason (that's why I am taking the time to do it, getting something special for someone). I hope the mousepads look good. Paper goods and totes are nice, so I have high hopes. -j