Sunday, December 7, 2008

Give me a little kiss

This is one of the kittens had by the black kitty that was gracing our gardens this past summer. We managed to catch her two days before she had five babies in "foster" care.

Sadly, two of the babies died, but three are now 10 weeks old and romping about. My sister took this shot of me with one we think is a little girl. She's a spitfire and her two all-black-except-for-a-hair-or-two siblings aren't far behind.

Watching them race about and climb the stairs was a hoot. And they had so much fun chasing their tails atop the bed and then chasing each other.

Thanks to Save Our Strays in Maine, the mama cat (still pretty young herself) is now safe at her foster mom's home and we get to visit.

Yes, we would have loved to have taken every last one of them in, but with six cats of our own and all of them not getting a day younger (along with an aging dog), we couldn't commit to keeping them. But this way, we can see kittens that likely wouldn't have survived now thriving and a mama cat that is, hopefully, going to be living safe inside.

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