Monday, October 20, 2008

The big one

I could feel it in the air when I arrived home after a day trip to Portland to see the Impressionists show at the museum.

It was so cold at 9 p.m. it could make your teeth ache. The sky was clear and the moon was rising.

Perfect weather for a hard frost.

And that was that.


Anonymous said...

how was the show? i've been meaning to get up to it, and now i think it's gone....procrastination has ruined me again :)

Janine Pineo said...

The show was fantastic, but it's not too late. I think it is there through early January.

It is well worth the trip. The three Monets were particularly fascinating, but there were a good many that were awe-inspiring.

After you go, you should go down Forest Avenue, maybe a block or so, to Geo's Patisserie. It's right behind the Eastland. He makes magnificent pastries that defy description -- and they are all made from scratch.

Anonymous said...

sounds delish....i'll be sure to check it out next time i'm in portland :)