Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bangor Garden Show

It smelled like daffodils.

The annual Bangor Garden Show was a sweet reprieve from what has been an arduously long winter season. I know, it is spring, but even as the first day of the show opened, a cold rain turned into snow.

The displays were refreshing, and I especially liked seeing green grass.

The biggest treat, however, had to come at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension booth where they had tomato plants. I rubbed a couple of leaves and was transported to the scent of my August vegetable garden.

Rumor has it the temperatures will reach the 50s this week.

And I spotted a crocus ready to bloom in a wee patch of open ground in my front perennial bed.

For more pictures from the garden show, check out the slideshow link at right. To see the pictures larger, click on the pictures to visit the Web album.

Think sunshine.

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Kristen said...

As always, I love the way you transport us to the garden. I can almost smell the tomato leaves. Brava!