Sunday, March 20, 2011

Supermoon to spring

"The moon was all aglow ..."

I went out around midnight when the supermoon was high in the sky. It turned out rather well, despite a few failed attempts to monkey with other camera settings for the first few I took.

But this one was quite nice. And as if that wasn't enough to see the end of winter ...

About 12 hours later, I spotted these little ones open at the corner of the pole barn when I got back from walking with Kai. It looks like more will open this week, but these were the first, situated in their sunny, protected corner of the world.

Right beside the crocus is this view of the vegetable garden, where we have DIRT! After months of being buried under a lot of snow, the pack is melting nicely and I could see bare ground for the first time since December. It's only a matter of time ...

Up in one of the raised beds, I have a nice row of salad burnet all green and happy. The snow melted off that bed last week and the herb was already looking mighty fine then. It is as if nothing can deter this one from staying green and fresh, even a couple of feet of snow for three months.

Just a few feet away are some strawberry plants that I tucked into the same bed last year. They, too, are looking mighty chipper since the snow melted. I can only hope this means I'll have blossoms and strawberries very soon.

Before that, however, I will have had some sorrel to eat. The red shoots are well out of the ground and won't take long to be ready for harvest. They are a nice taste in early spring and couldn't be easier to grow.

Out in the front yard, the spring bulbs are emerging rapidly. This clump of daffodils were already up when the snow finally melted away last week. And nearby ...

... was this lovely little snowdrop glistening during the last few hours of winter. Welcome, Spring!

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