Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kai's trip to the dentist

We start our journey to Bridgton before 6 a.m. to make a 9 o'clock appointment to see if Kai will get a crown (yes, a doggie tooth crown) or a tooth pulled.

After about two hours on the interstate, we are winding through North Windham in western Maine. About our only view of this town as we motor to our destination is a very large shopping district area. I took this picture while sitting at a stoplight.

The area we are driving through is peppered with lakes, this one being Sebago, the second largest in the state.

Just a few miles later, we were zipping past Long Lake in Naples. It really is long and thin, stretching from Naples, through Bridgton and ending in Harrison. When we drove through here in January for our first visit to the dentist, this area had big walls erected to keep snow from drifting. As you can see from the flag, the wind is whipping.

A few miles later and we are at Bridgton Vet Hospital. Kai would spend most of his day here - unconscious - while I wandered about the area.

One of my stops was in Harrison at the other end of Long Lake. Another beautiful Maine vista, isn't it?

By early afternoon, I had eaten lunch, stopped at a couple of shops where I bought gardening stuff and old books and then headed back to pick up the boy, who was groggy from anesthesia. Here he is on our way home, sitting behind me. The poor darling wouldn't stretch out on the way home, opting to go from window to window all the way home. It was in improvement over January, when he cried for nearly two hours on our dark and snowy ride home.

As we turned off the interstate with only a few miles left to go, this lovely sight presented itself. It was good to be back home.

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