Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Big day at the beach

Memorial Day was a big day for us - we had our first beach visit with Kai, who had a pretty good time even if he quickly got overwhelmed with all of the sights and sounds and sensations. Our stop was Marlboro Beach down Lamoine way, a great spot to smell the salt air and breathe deeply.

Beaches are a big part of our lives because we are coastal folk from way back. I remember jaunting around the coast every summer as a kid and picnicking anywhere you could set a blanket down with a basket of food. Sometimes I still do.

So we were eager to get Kai to a beach and get him started on his affair with the shore.

This view is looking across to Cadillac Mountain. It is slightly tipsy because I was trying to get Kai in the shot, too, and didn't quite have the camera angled correctly. Or maybe it is just an "edgy" shot.

After our first walk, which really overwhelmed the boy, he stretched out on the couch in the motor home and panted until he calmed down a bit. I am sure his senses were going nuts from the huge expanse; Kai prefers the forest to open fields, so I knew the beach was going to push his limits.

After lunch, we took another walk. He did great, but the wind started to get the better of both of us. Faith and I took a walk after that, but Kai kept an eye on us from the driver's seat. He's just so darn cute. That's our mom in the other seat, by the way.

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